Mueller report referencing former US national security advisor Michael Flynn
Mueller report referencing former US national security advisor Michael Flynn Reuters

First, let’s understand that, politically, whatever happens in America does not stay in America. It happens in Israel next, or first.

As we watch the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, drag-netted to court to answer charges of corruption, we wonder – haven’t we seen this movie?

Yes, but here we called it collusion, which led to impeachment, and finally acquittal, because the evidence against Trump was completely false, cooked up to bring down a duly elected Conservative president. Already the similarities are amazing, between here and there. Only, in Israel, the absurdities start all over again.

So if you miss the drama, suspense, the excitement of a Schiff/Mueller kangaroo-court in session and in action to hang a sitting prime minister, for no crime, except that he doesn’t play well with Leftists…read Alan Dershowitz… tune to the political scene in Israel. Got you covered with the same made-for-TV extravaganza.

The Resist-Bibi Prosecutors “will prove” that Netanyahu has been caught in the act of “media bribery.” That is like being caught jaywalking. The story? He pursued better media coverage.


Make sure you have tons of popcorn for this Really Big Show…or show-trial.

For it may take three years, the same amount of time we had to endure, before the plotters were exposed in the worst scandal in American history.

Between commercials, and analysis from holier-than-thou professors and know-it-all journalists -- will the condemned man get locked up or go free?

That is not the point. It was never the point. It was always about kicking up enough dirt to cast doubt upon the legitimacy of first, Trump, and now Netanyahu. From day one, it was a mud-slinging operation intended to splatter and stain the man and his office, tailored to keep him tottering between minefields of false accusations, and crafted to keep him targeted for mockery.

Guilty or innocent, whatever the outcome, they win. They did not stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting to the Supreme Court. But they did ruin the reputation of a good man.
Guilty or innocent, whatever the outcome, they win. They did not stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting to the Supreme Court. But they did ruin the reputation of a good man.

They take that as a win. Job well done. “I am Spartacus,” crowed one of his many chest-thumping false accusers.

As to Netanyahu, his boastful accuser would translate as Shimi ben Gera, a Saul loyalist who constantly heckled King David.

Meantime, back at the ranch, as Trump associates Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort, and others, suffer consequences, Obama’s confederacy of scofflaws go free…and to CNN.

Manafort was given the medieval treatment. He was shackled and dumped into solitary confinement because he refused to give up Trump in exchange for leniency.

Where’s the consequence for Mueller? He knew Trump was innocent and yet went ahead with a two-year $25 million wild goose chase only to prolong the misery.

Attorney General William Barr has already indicated that Obama and Biden will face no charges, even as it’s becoming clearer by the day that they were part of the scheme to knife Trump front and back. So, they get off the hook, and it appears that the same happy fate awaits all the other rotten truants.

No worries for Hillary, Schiff, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strzok and more dirty dozens who colluded with Obama to tie Trump, and the nation, in knots.

What’s the secret to their success?

They did everything “by the book.” That phrasing rates three mentions in a short memo to herself in NSA Advisor Susan Rice’s recollection of how Obama put it when the plot was hatched to derail Trump before, during and after he took office. Obama/Comey wanted everything done “by the book.” Clear enough – wink, wink?

To what can this be compared?

In Sodom, they also did everything by the book, which is why to this day the citizens of Sodom are tabbed as the slimiest, creepiest and cruelest people of their generation.

If it was illegal to steal 10 pounds of sugar…Rashi tells us…they stole nine. They knew precisely how to get around the law.

What they did was sinful and immoral, but there was no catching them in the act; so sneaky they were.

So they are to this day. Obama and his confederacy of scofflaws knew exactly how to commit sins…sins, but not crimes.

Very clever, these people. Except that we know how it ended for Sodom.

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