Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett Kobi Richter / TPS

Former Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett held a press conference Wednesday afternoon in which he addresses several of the issues on the national agenda.

Addressing the trial of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Bennett said: "We stand behind everything we have said in the past. I wish the prime minister success, no one in the country wants to see a prime minister convicted of bribery."

Bennett stated that Yamina has not formed an alliance with the other parties in the opposition, "but where there are tactical moves to promote our values - obviously we will do that. Netanyahu did not want us in the government, and that's his prerogative."

Referring to the Trump Administration's peace plan, Bennett said: "We are familiar with the draft map for sovereignty. It can be a disaster or it can be great. The map, as it is now, is not good for Israel, and includes a quarter of a million Palestinians. We want maximum areas with a minimum number of Arabs. If the map is good, we will support it."

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