Binyamin Netanyahu and Yossi Dagan
Binyamin Netanyahu and Yossi DaganFlash 90 and Gur Dotan

The Shomron Regional Council is embarking on an aggressive campaign for Israeli sovereignty this July, warning it of what it calls "half sovereignty."

The campaign operates using two arms, one of which is in Israel with a clear demand not to accept "poisoned candy" within the sovereignty agreement, meaning a de facto approval in a government decision to establish a Palestinian state, and to leave Jewish communities as enclaves in the territory.

A second arm of the campaign will take place within what is defined as US President Donald Trump's “base”, the Evangelical public which is currently pleased with the “Deal of the Century” that will allow for sovereignty over biblical territories of the Jewish people, but is unaware of the fact that the plan is dangerous to the vision which they are eyeing: the return of the Jewish people to all parts of the Promised Land.

"We expect the government to apply sovereignty, that is the right thing to do and would be a correction of an historic injustice. We should encourage the Prime Minister to do so," said Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, adding, "And equally, we will not agree to receive poisoned candies in exchange for that dream."

He continued, "A terrorist state in the heart of the country is a real danger that a Prime minister in Israel, certainly a Prime Minister from the national camp, should not accept as lip service. This is also true of enclaves. We will not abandon, in return for sovereignty, entire communities and tens of thousands of people."

"The Prime Minister can and should apply sovereignty in a way that preserves the Israeli interest," Dagan stated. "[Menachem] Begin applied sovereignty over the Golan Heights without US approval, [Levi] Eshkol applied sovereignty over Jerusalem without US approval. Netanyahu is a great leader, and he can and should apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, under the conditions of the State of Israel, with or without the consent of the Americans. He can certainly do it just as Menachem Begin and Levi Eshkol applied sovereignty over the Golan Heights and liberated Jerusalem, without the Americans' consent and contrary to their opinion. Certainly now that Trump is six months before an election and will not pick a fight with the State of Israel.”