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The Jerusalem District Attorney's Office will present a plea bargain tomorrow to a Jerusalem Magistrate Judge for Majd Alian, a 55-year-old drug dealer from Jerusalem in whose home was found six months ago the body of the minor Miriam Peretz.

As part of the deal that Peretz's family calls "shameful," Alian is expected to plead guilty to a minor drug misdemeanor and will only serve two years in prison.

The arrangement, which does not include criminal conviction of any manslaughter offense, means that in a little over six months, Alian will return to be a free citizen.

Alian bought drugs for Peretz on several occasions, and left her to die while she was dying. However, the indictment against him does not include any offense, however slight.

The Peretz family is furious at the State Attorney's Office and Miriam's brother, Yosef, said ahead of the hearing: "The prosecutor's office is a partner in the crime committed against my sister."

Family lawyer Itamar Ben Gvir intends to go to court tomorrow and present arguments against the deal. He calls it an unreasonable arrangement: "The Prosecutor's Office refers to the incident as if a cat was killed here. An elderly man giving the girl a drug sees her having a seizure until death and abandons her, and I'm still not talking about the nationalistic motive he should have investigated and the light charge the prosecution applied. It's a black day for the rule of law."