Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuGili Yaari/Flash90

Channel 12 News and journalist Dana Weiss have decided to submit a libel suit against Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Prime Minister, along with a whole list of defendants, following a number of tweets that were posted by the younger Netanyahu and the other defendants on Twitter.

According to Channel 12 and Weiss, libelous and misogynous statements were made, some of which could even be interpreted as constituting sexual harassment.

“These were false and extremely grave and libelous statements that are certainly covered by libel laws,” Channel 12 stated.

Weiss is one of the country’s veteran news broadcasters, and has been Channel 12’s political commentator for the last three years, presenting the “Weekend News” program that is broadcast every Shabbat.

The lawsuit will be submitted in coming days by the legal department of Channel 12 News, which is headed by Dr. Yisgav Nakdimon and Attorney Dikla Biran.

Upon hearing of this latest development, Yair Netanyahu tweeted, “Hahahaha – want to hear something funny? Channel 12 is submitting a libel suit against me in the name of Dana Weiss. The same channel [formerly known as Channel 2] that spilled my blood with illegal recordings that were found to be criminal. Expect damages.”