Embassy staff purchase food parcels
Embassy staff purchase food parcels Israeli Embassy in Kiev

Employees of the Israeli Embassy in Ukraine today distributed hundreds of basic food parcels to those in need whose economic condition has deteriorated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The special humanitarian operation was organized by the embassy in cooperation with Israel's Honorary Consul in Western Ukraine Oleg Vishnikov.

Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine, Rabbi Yoel Leon said: "We've been approached by a number of Jewish communities across Ukraine to assist in obtaining basic commodities due to the coronavirus crisis that has plagued the country."

Distributing aid to Zhitomir needy
Israeli Embassy in Kiev

The operation also recruited the MEGA MARKET supermarket chain, where Israel's envoys prepared over 1,200 food packages including flour, oil, and sugar, with the caption in Ukrainian "from Israel with love".

The Ambassador along with the embassy emissaries brought the parcels to the cities of Radichev and Zhitomir where they were received by mayors to distribute the products to needy families (Jews and non-Jews).

More than 20,000 verified coronavirus patients were reported in Ukraine and over 600 died of the disease. The Ukrainian government has taken strong steps to prevent the spread of the virus and ordered a shutdown lasting over two months leading to severe damage to the economy and especially to the weak strata and the elderly who have been banned from leaving.

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