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An attempted terrorist attack in the Binyamin District of Samaria was foiled Monday morning, when IDF soldiers stationed in the area opened fire on a pair of armed terrorists.

The incident occurred near the Israeli town of Amichai in the Shilo bloc of the Binyamin District Monday morning, when two terrorists attempted to stab Israeli security personnel.

IDF soldiers opened fire on the two terrorists, neutralizing both of them.

No injuries were reported among the Israeli security forces.

The IDF confirmed the incident, saying in a statement Monday: "A report has been received regarding an attempted stabbing attack next to the town of Amichai in the Binyamin Regional District. Two terrorists attempted to stab IDF combat soldiers who were operating in the area. The soldiers opened fire at the terrorists. There are no injuries to our soldiers."

According to a report by the Palestinian Authority's WAFA media outlet, the incident occurred in between the Israeli town of Amichai and the PA-controlled town of Turmus Aya.

The two terrorists were evacuated to a hospital in Ramallah for treatment. No details regarding their status have been released.

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