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The coronavirus death toll in the US has risen by 638 over the past 24 hours, the Johns Hopkins University reported on Sunday night.

The US death toll now stands at 97,686, and a total of 1,641,585 cases have been recorded.

Meanwhile on Sunday, the White House broadened its travel ban against countries hard-hit by the coronavirus by denying admission to foreigners who have been in Brazil during the two-week period before they hoped to enter the US, reported The Associated Press.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the move is one designed to "protect our country."

The ban on travel from Brazil takes effect late Thursday. As with the other bans, it does not apply to legal permanent residents. A spouse, parent or child of a US citizen or legal permanent resident also would be allowed to enter the country.

Brazil has reported more than 347,000 COVID-19 cases, according to a Johns Hopkins University count. It also has recorded more than 22,000 deaths, fifth-most in the world.

President Donald Trump has previously banned travel from the United Kingdom, Europe and China. He said last week that he was considering similar restrictions for Brazil.