May Golan
May Golan Hezki Baruch

MK May Golan (Likud) arrived for the opening of the trial against Prime Minister Netanyahu and attacked charges against the Likud chairman.

Golan told Arutz Sheva how she felt at the completion of the opening day of deliberations: "We came to support the prime minister, the people of Israel, and the right-wing camp whose [rights] are being taken away."

"This is a black day for Israeli democracy, a day when someone who has served as prime minister for over a decade and who has devoted his life to the State of Israel is standing trial for trumped up charges. So I'm left asking: What's next? Will voting Right be banned in the coming future as well? Maybe we'll be tried for doing so? That's the feeling I'm getting right now."

Golan addressed the impression left by the prime minister on the court, "I expected to see him bewildered, but I saw a strong, steadfast prime minister standing up to everyone. He came in brimming with confidence and that emboldened us as well. It was hard not to cry when he spoke."