Israeli intelligence suspects that the terrorist who tried to murder three Israelis passing through the Palestinian Authoriy-controlled village Huwara is a Palestinian Authority (PA) policeman.

The attempted attack was reported on Wednesday afternoon. According to the Samaria Regional Council, a PA Arab shot at an Israeli vehicle passing through Huwara.

The Israeli motorist had two minor hitchhikers aged 14 and 15 with him in the car, one of whom reported the ongoing incident to the local security hotline.

The Israeli was able to exit the vehicle and fire two warning shots into the air, forcing the terrorist to run away.

According to the 14-year-old minor who called the hotline, "We traveled along the main route, there was a big traffic jam. The Arab stood on the sidewalk, on the side of my friend and me, he took out a gun, loaded it, pressed several times on the trigger."

"The driver with us pressed on the gas, rammed into the cars in front of us, got out and headed toward [the terrorist] and started to chase him, and the terrorist fled."

Without losing their senses, they contacted the Samaria Regional Security Center, appealed for help and gave the line operator an accurate description of their situation while she provided instructions on what to do next.

In the recording, the conversation between one of the teens and the hotline operator can be heard. "They tried to shoot us in Huwara! There are shots, come quickly! He ran, the two of us are alone."

Operator: "How old are you?"

Youth: "14, the driver ran out, he's not here. Should we get in the car?"

Operator: "Get in the car, stay with me, everything's okay. We'll call the forces."