Jerusalem is not just a city

Jerusalem is not just a place

Jerusalem is an expression of the quest for the perfection of a place

beyond this world.

Jerusalem is derived from Yerushalayim or

Yerushalem. In Hebrew Shalem means whole .It

Symbolizes perfection.

There is something that goes beyond the

drawbacks, the failures, the pains and the fears.

There is always hope

There is a magical place we have yet to reach

But we always strive towards it.

And we are confident that eventually, we will reach that place

Our whole lives are a yearning for Jerusalem

Hillel the Elder said: “A place I love - my feet

will carry me towards it”.

We are constantly on a pilgrimage to

Jerusalem עלייה לרגל

Each and every one of us

Has his/her own Jerusalem

There are people for whom Jerusalem is the


There are people for whom Jerusalem is the

return to the normal routine

There are people for whom Jerusalem is the

longing for a beloved one

All these characteristics associated with

Jerusalem are only sparks

But what is the ultimate characteristic of Jerusalem?

The divine perfection

The desire to reach an endless sea

of good, of happiness and hope for all of us

Therefore everyone has his own Jerusalem

For me, it’s the Jerusalem Forest

Just before “Kabbalat Shabbat”, the welcoming

of the Sabbath, as I am standing in the Jerusalem Forest

And watching the sunset

There is no sight that compares to this

magnificent scene in the whole world

That’s the place we are yearning for

That’s the place we will finally reach

Even in these difficult days

The Corona days

In which we felt the fear

In which we felt the downside of our lives

But still, we longed for Jerusalem

And now we finally celebrate Yom Yerushalayim

- Jerusalem Day

And here we are

Celebrating Jerusalem in its ultimate Glory and Perfection!