Eliezer Berland
Eliezer BerlandYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Three central Jewish courts on Thursday published a sharp ruling against Shuvu Banim leader Eliezer Berland, calling on the Jewish community to distance themselves from him.

"At the request of many, a special Jewish court was formed to investigate the tales which have circulated regarding the leader of the Shuvu Banim community, and during this time explicit testimonies and proofs were received regarding actions which should not have been done, including some extremely serious ones," the rabbis of the three courts wrote.

"It is obvious," they added, "that according to the opinion of our holy Torah, one who is not careful regarding things that are from the three most serious sins and what is related to them - anyone who cares for his soul will keep a distance from that person, and we are obligated to act on this."

The rabbis also clarified that they are required to publicize this serious ruling, since Berland's followers believe that "a leader can do anything" and such beliefs go against the fundamentals of Judaism.

"This is a most serious issue, since some of his students and followers have made it as if, G-d forbid, a righteous person is allowed to do any sinful thing, and these words were even publicized in writing. This falls under the definition of heresy and this heretical opinion must be uprooted from amongst us."

The letter was signed by Rabbi Sariel Rosenberg, the head of the Jewish court in Bnei Brak; Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Stern, one of Bnei Brak's leading rabbis; Rabbi Yehuda Fisher, a member of the Eida Haharedit's Jewish court in Jerusalem; Rabbi Yitzhak Tuvia Weiss, one of the heads of the Eida Haharedit Jewish court, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the head of the Eida Haharedit Jewish court; Rabbi Chaim Meir Halevi Wosner, and Bnei Brak's Rabbi Shevach Tzvi Rosenblatt.