The National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) stated that there is no reason for concern after a large-scale cyber attack was directed at hundreds of Israeli websites by Iranian hackers, calling it a "superficial attack."

"An initial investigation of the incident shows it to be a superficial attack on the websites of private entities in Israel that were carried out through a single hosting company hosting the same sites. The Security Authority continues to help handle the event. A week ago, the National Cyber ​​Security Authority warned of expected hacking of sites aimed at echoing and disseminating propaganda messages on the occasion of the Iranian 'Quds Day,' as is done annually on this date. The authority recommends that web site owners contract with hosting companies that use adequate security according to the authority's recommendations. It should be emphasized that this is a violation of private sites and that no damage to state infrastructure was done. The source of the attack under investigation," the authority said.

General (Res.) Professor Yitzhak ben Yisrael, head of the Cyber Center at Tel Aviv University, echoed the NCSA's conclusion that the attack was of minor concern.

"This was a simple matter which is easily resolved using current technologies available and we anticipate that the situation will return to normal very soon," Ben Yisrael said.

The cyber attack caused an anti-Israel caption to be embedded on hundreds of Israeli websites. The caption read: "The countdown to the destruction of Israel started long ago."

Among the affected sites were the United Hatzala site, the Yad L'Achim site, the Regavim Movement site, the Yeshivas Unions site, Ulpanot and Yeshivas, and many private sites.