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The Supreme Court tomorrow will hear a petition filed by the Am K'lavi Association to allow the traditional flag dance event to be held on Jerusalem Day in a format appropriate to coronavirus protocol.

In a petition filed by attorneys Nati Rom and Hillel Barak, flag dance organizers requested to be allowed a human chain of approximately 3,000 people from downtown Jerusalem to the Western Wall while encircling all the gates of the Old City.

According to the petition, participants in the human chain would carry Israeli flags, stand 2 meters apart, and abide by coronavirus restrictions. In addition, trucks with music and huge screens will travel about the city to gladden Jerusalem residents on their city's holiday.

This morning the police filed their response to the Court, stating its position was to approve the flag dance event in small and limited format, restricting the number of participants and areas where the event will take place. Following the police post, event organizers announced they would not withdraw their petition.

The Am K'lavi Association said, "Leftist demonstrations and other events under legal advisor direction weren't limited in the number of participants. There's no reason why the flag parade, a traditional and important dance, should restrict the number of participants. Recall that every year tens of thousands participate in the event, and this year we asked for a couple thousand under coronavirus restrictions; there's no reason not to accept the reasonable request. We are preparing to register vehicles for the car convoy and to register participants for the human chain under the conditions set by the Court."

Attorneys Nati Rom and Hillel Barak who represent the Am K'lavi Association added: "In the week when the schools return to full routine and the beaches open, we expect that the Israeli police will allow Jerusalem Day celebrations, even if they are limited as we requested. The fact that we're in the midst of dealing with the coronavirus dose not go unnoticed, so we chose to hold the procession this year in a limited and different format than in previous years, and of course, to meet all the requirements for an event at this time."

Attorney Nati Rom
Attorney Nati Rom Courtesy Nati Rom