Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked Knesset Spokeswoman Adina Wallman

Every Israeli who works for a living should be afraid of Amir Peretz's optimism.

The coronavirus crisis created enormous damage to the economy. It didn't skip anyone. The personal wallet of every single citizen is affected.

Who did Netanyahu decide to entrust the economy with after this unimaginable crisis? With Histadrut alumni; with representatives of the socialist economy in Israel; with the people who are concerned about promoting a Soviet economy that will forcefully step on the small people who are really driving the Israeli economy.

The former Histadrut heads are a clear and immediate danger to anyone who started a business, works in a private company, and doesn't belong to a large committee.

They'll continue to care about who they're used to worrying about: the strongest elements in the economy. For those whose budgetary pensions were not affected during the coronavirus crisis.

Under the socialist government set up here, there's a real fear that Israel will be poorer and weaker.

We'll be here to pick up what remains of the Israeli economy after they crash it.

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