Yaakov Litzman
Yaakov Litzman Flash 90

Incoming Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman said on Sunday evening that no negotiations were conducted over the Housing and Construction Ministry and that he received it from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as soon as he asked for it.

"As soon as I asked the Prime Minister for the Housing Ministry, I immediately got it. There was not even a discussion about it. I have plans, give me two weeks in office and I will elaborate," he said.

Litzman was asked whether it is advisable not to buy an apartment in the next six months as housing prices will drop, and replied, "I am not saying that. I have plans for the near and long term. I will sit with the professionals and decide. Do not forget that I need the Ministry of Finance's approval. Me, [Moshe] Gafni and [Aryeh] Deri will work together. What belonged to Deri - the planning directorate, remained with him, I did not come to touch what belonged to him."

Commenting on the issue of public inquiries as part of his ministerial role, Litzman said, "When I took up my position in the Ministry of Health, I took the public inquiries into consideration, everyone who inquired with the Ministry - Jews, Arabs - all received a response. That is my main goal. In addition, I did reforms like free dental care, in mental health, I increased the health basket and did lots of things for the good of the public."