Allison Josephs, who has been running a unique online production called "Jew in the City" since 2007. The goal of 'Jew in the City', as defined by Josephs it to "reverse negative associations about religious Jews by highlighting an approach based on kindness, tolerance, sincerity, and critical thinking and makes engaging and meaningful Orthodox Judaism known and accessible.

Yesterday (Thursday), Josephs held a special broadcast with Faiga Leah Landau, a Hasidic mother who has dealt with the challenge of children who decided to leave the orthodox Hasidic world.

The latest Netflix hit, 'Unorthodox', presents a story of a Hasidic young woman and her difficulties trying to leave the Hasidic world. The series has sparked controversy and has brought these issues to public dialogue​​.

To offer another angle to the Hasidic world, 'Jew in the City', together with 'Project Makom' held a Q&A online broadcast with Faiga Leah Landau who told her story.

"Her children took different paths, and she loves them all unconditionally", the invite to the broadcast read, "Again and again in the media and at Project Makom, we hear of the parents who disown their kids for leaving Judaism or even choosing a different Jewish path. We never hear from the parents who do whatever they can to show their kids they love them and support them no matter what. It’s time we broaden the narrative. Here is our live conversation about Hasidic parents who embody the unconditional love we frequently speak about around here".​