Jews visit Temple Mount, Yom Kippur
Jews visit Temple Mount, Yom Kippur Flash 90

The State Attorney's Office filed an unusual response to the Supreme Court stating that it is seeking a unilateral closed-door hearing on whether there is a political agreement with Jordan over the Temple Mount.

The response was filed following the petition of Yehuda Etzion and Arnon Segal who demanded that the Temple Mount be opened. As mentioned in the petition, it was alleged, among other things, that an agreement existed between Israel and Jordan, according to which Israel undertook not to allow Jews to enter the Temple Mount in exchange for tacit consent from the Waqf not to allow ascension of worshipers, except for Waqf workers.

The Supreme Court ordered the State Attorney to respond to the petition and this morning the Attorney said that the petition should be rejected because the Temple Mount is a sensitive place. The reply also claims that the ban on entry of Jews is due to the state of emergency and that the Temple Mount should not be compared to the Western Wall or Tomb of the Patriarchs because it is a volatile place.

Regarding the allegations that there is a diplomatic agreement with Jordan and that this agreement is illegal, the A-G asked the court to hold a unilateral closed-door hearing on the matter.

"Naturally, because of the obvious sensitivity, it is not possible to expand in this response on the issue, which also includes significant political aspects, as well as matters of foreign relations and state security," the document said.

Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, representing the petitioners, said in response, "The cat is out of the bag. The State Attorney's Office effectively acknowledges that there is a diplomatic agreement reached in the dark with Jordan, an agreement that negatively discriminates against Jews, allows the Waqf to enter the Temple Mount and prevents Jews from entering because they are Jewish."

"If groups of worshippers can visit the Western Wall while maintaining health regulations, there is no reason they should not allow Temple Mount faithful the same rights, and the state's position suffers from racism, discrimination, and an illegal policy of violating freedom of movement and religious freedom. In any event, we will ask the court not to allow the Attorney's Office to hold a hearing in the dark. We are not a third world country."