Pompeo and Netanyahu
Pompeo and Netanyahu Kobi Gideon, GPO

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo during his meeting Wednesday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the economic ties between Israel and China, which are of great concern to the United States, Pompeo told Kan in an interview on Wednesday.

"We do not want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communications systems - anything that puts Israeli citizens at risk, and therefore jeopardizes the ability of the United States to work with Israel jointly on important projects. We think the dangers are very real, and we shared information on the issue so that they can make the decisions themselves,” Pompeo said.

He stated that he had presented intelligence to PM Netanyahu on China. "We have concerns about Chinese involvement, and that's what I talked to Netanyahu about."

"I honestly think the whole world understands what's going on with the coronavirus. The world has seen how the Chinese party has not shared the information on the issue in a timely manner," Pompeo concluded.

According to a report by Channel 13's Barak Ravid on Wednesday evening, Netanyahu told Pompeo that Israel will review the participation of a Chinese controlled company in a $1.5 billion bid for building a huge desalination plant in Israel.