Prime Minister Netanyahu and Yamina Chair Naftali Bennett are scheduled to meet Wednesday afternoon at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem, where the two will continue talks for bringing Yamina into the new coalition.

Earlier on Wednesday, senior religious Zionist leader Rabbi Haim Druckman told Arutz Sheva that the PM should improve his conduct toward Yamina, amid the indications of recent days that Yamina will be heading to the Opposition.

"I am very sorry that this is the reality. I didn't imagine we would reach such a reality. At first, it seemed that there was a right-wing bloc that had achieved wonderful things, 59 seats that could grow even more, and it was important to continue to preserve this bloc. I was sure it would be preserved like this.

"It was clear that everyone in the right-wing bloc was an integral part of the future government and each part would get what it had before. This is how others in the right-wing bloc were treated and I am not sorry about it. It's very good, but religious Zionism won't get what it had before? We're not talking about the Ministry of Defense which was added afterwards, but even earlier the Jewish Home and the National Union had two portfolios, Justice and Education, and the Prime Minister replaced Justice with Transportation, so at least these two portfolios should have continued [to be held by Yamina] naturally."

"No one is asking for more than this, so why this behavior? It should have ended at the beginning."