Protesters outside of the Kirya
Protesters outside of the Kirya Photo credit: Ariel Livne

Protesters gathered on Wednesday outside the IDF's Kirya Military Headquarters in Tel Aviv to demand harsher measures against Palestinian stone-throwers.

The protest, which was attended by members of the Choosing Life Forum of Bereaved Families, the Mothers of Soldiers Forum, and the pro-Israel group Im Tirtzu, was organized in response to Tuesday's murder of IDF Sergeant First Class Amit Ben Yigal.

Ben Yigal was murdered early Tuesday morning when a Palestinian terrorist hurled a rock at his head during an arrest raid in the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Ya'bad.

Vladimir Lubarsky, father of IDF soldier of Ronen Lubarsky who was murdered in May 2018 by a terrorist who threw a marble slab on his head, spoke at the protest.

"This is a tragedy that brings me back to the horrible incident in which my son Ronen was killed under similar circumstances," said Lubarsky.

"With the formation of the new government, we cannot allow terrorism to rear its ugly head. Every potential terrorist needs to know that an act of terror will result in the immediate demolition of his home, the expulsion of his family, and a death sentence."

"We have to change the equation and send a clear message to potential terrorists that terrorism doesn't pay," added Lubarsky.

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg noted that "two years ago the Knesset tried to implement a harsher law against stone-throwers, but the High Court of Justice struck it down."

"This is the price we are paying for the judicial tyranny of the politically active High Court," said Peleg.

Nava Cohen, a member of the Mothers of Soldiers Forum, called on the government to change the IDF's rules of engagement.

"The rules of engagement against stone-throwing terrorists must be changed," said Cohen. "Our children need to be able to protect themselves against stone throwers, which is terrorism for all intents and purposes. The blood of our children is not cheap."