As part of a wide scale international event, an international solidarity event was held Tuesday evening at Magen David Adom, which will be broadcast on social networks and the Internet, to support communities affected by the coronavirus around the world.

The special event will be attended by former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, MDA Director General Eli Bin, Chief Military Cantor Shai Abramson, Professor Yehuda Skornik and other guests. The event will be broadcast on the various networks and will be held today, May 12 at 8 p.m.

As part of the event, speeches and prayers will be held for the sick, including by Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Shlomo Moshe Amar and be directly broadcast from the Western Wall by Rabbi Yossi Ben-Shahar, who manages the MDA teams in the Jewish Quarter.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin stated: "We at Magen David Adom, as Israel's national emergency medical and blood service organization, are at the forefront of the fight against the corona and have been since the day the virus arrived in Israel. We have not stopped our efforts to contain the virus since. The pandemic has hit everywhere in the world, and in these difficult days we feel compelled to express deep sympathy with those communities in the world that have been affected and that, over the years, have supported us and helped us deal with challenges and difficult situations. During this difficult time, there is little that can be done. We will continue to embrace and share our knowledge and experience. I wish health and recovery to the sick, send condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in the severe epidemic and wish for happy days and good news. "

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