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Health Ministry Director Moshe bar Siman Tov today announced to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Health Minister Yaakov Litzman of his desire to resign.

"I am proud of my years as Director and especially in dealing with the coronavirus crisis," said Bar Simantov.

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman addressed bar Siman Tov's retirement: "In my conversation with him today, I commended him for his wonderful work, his great investment, and the many achievements in the healthcare system for which he deserves recognition as a full and active partner with me as Health Minister for five consecutive and intense years. His professional vision, management capabilities, and most of all, bar Siman Tov's deep understanding of the health system's needs are essential assets that have contributed to advancing and strengthening public health in recent years.

"I valued and appreciated the outgoing Director who correctly and amazingly managed the coronavirus crisis. Throughout this period, we were required to make tough decisions to lead the State of Israel to victory in the fight against the coronavirus. With G-d's help, and thanks to his resourcefulness and professional standards, bar Siman Tov has managed to overcome the crisis so far, and we hope that it will continue until we reach a full victory soon," Litzman said.

Bar Siman Tov was appointed Health Ministry Director by Minister Yaakov Litzman at the beginning of the 34th cabinet in July 2015.

This was an unusual appointment because in the past, doctors were appointed to this position, most of whom had held senior positions in the civilian and military health system before their appointments.

Bar Siman Tov is an economist whose main experience in the public system was accumulated in the Budget Department of the Finance Ministry, where he was, among other things, in charge of health budgets.

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