Bus during coronavirus (illustrative)
Bus during coronavirus (illustrative) Flash 90

Public transportation will resume operating on weekends beginning this weekend, with city bus lines returning to normal on Friday and Saturday.

In areas where Shabbat (Sabbath) buses operated, operations will resume operations throughout the weekend.

The Transportation Ministry's National Public Transport Authority decided that city bus lines which run during the week will continue to run on weekends, but lines which have been canceled will not resume operations.

The Authority is working to meet the public's demands for public transportation, while at the same time limit the number of passengers. At the same time, the number of drivers and buses is limited, and the demand for public transportation grows with each passing day.

"The National Public Transport Authority calls on the public to adhere to the guidelines, to make certain to wear a mask during the entire ride, and not to travel if you suffer from coronavirus symptoms," it said in a statement, emphasizing that during the outbreak, payment via cash, and loading a Rav Kav card, cannot be done on the bus itself.