Alan Bergstein
Alan BergsteinINN: AB

"Jewish political intelligence is an oxymoron." Never forget that maxim when you walk into a gathering of Jewish/Americans. Be prepared to be amazed at their ferocious arrogance tempered with an unwillingness to hear you when you're recognized as a Conservative.

It's a fact that about 72% of this group are of the Democrat persuasion and infused with a suicidal zeal for the destruction of their own people. Their fanaticism and supportive compliance with their haters, a genetic mutation fostered by 2000 years of being treated like dirt in every nation in which they sought refuge, has led them to bend their knees to their oppressors, groveling to seek acceptance as "one of them."

Of course, they have been, time after time, looked down upon as useful idiots. And when the time comes, as in the past, bet on it, they will once again be treated as shifty, sly, deceptive, money hungry traitorous Jews. With no other country to seek refuge in, this next time, they may even, once and for all...... be made to disappear.

Did I hear you say, "What about relocating to Israel?" Understand that these same 72% of Jews who currently support all the Israel-hating voices emanating from the new leadership of The Party, will revel in the destruction of the Jewish homeland. Look at the astounding growth of such Jewish-infused groups such as J Street, Americans for Peace Now, T'ruah, Jewish Voice for Peace, Rabbis for Obama, The Center for Middle East Peace, If Not Now and Jewish Professors Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Barry Trachtenberg and more than a host of others, all of whom are targeting the very existence of Israel by indoctrinating their students with a hatred for that land.

You can see the trend.

Naturally, all of the above groups and professors are adored and used by the Democrats to garner support for their candidates, all of whom march lock-step with The Party's leader. For eight years that was Reverend Wright-nurtured President Barack Obama. Now the lead Democrat Presidential candidate is Joe Biden, who recently promised to welcome back into D.C., the terrorist supporting Palestinian Liberation Organization's Embassy, opened by Obama in 2009 and kicked out by President Trump in 2018.

Joe also vowed to reinstate our financial support for the Palestinian Arab terrorists. His administration will go far beyond Obama's viral dislike and mistreatment of the Jewish State. If elected, his appointees will cripple Israel and bring down the heel of our government on any and all Israel-supporting groups. Recall, if you will, how Obama utilized the IRS to squelch 501c requests from such organizations.

And the Jewish Democrat voter still votes the straight party line.

The Party is now led by the likes of radical freshmen Congresswomen, Ilhahn Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who have a coterie of like minded supporters behind them. They speak out fervently, openly and repeatedly of their hatred for Israel and American Jews. To them Jews are treasonous, dual loyalty traitors who buy governmental power with their money. This is the same verbiage used by Josef Goebbels, whose words lit the kindling fires of the Holocaust.

Look at the hostility and outright negative response they got from their fellow party-mates and the Left-leaning media. That's just it. There was none. Silence is acceptance. The invisible and impotent Jewish Democrat Congressional Caucus made up of 9 Senators and 25 House members did not rebuke them. None of their comrades called them out to demand their removal from committee assignments. And the all powerful Black Congressional Caucus of 55 members adores them. They are a solid block of supporters of these Jew hating "Women of Color."

Not a rosy picture.

See the handwriting on the wall? Those 72% of Jews who cannot see, are part and parcel of the growing Progressive, Jew/Israel hating movement in the United States. We cannot accept the lame excuse that they are ignorant of The Party's landslide quick movement in this frightful direction. They are well educated, informed, outspoken and community involved. They see it but refuse to accept reality.

There is an old Jewish saying, "nisht vissindict" meaning, "willfully not seeing." Just let them look at what happened to the initial elite, proud, German Jewish supporters of Hitler back in 1932 whose slogan was, "Ich bin nicht kein Jude, Ich bin ein Deutche!" - "I am not a Jew, I'm a German." And what happened to those millions of Russian Jews who backed the Revolution? How many frozen, mass graves were they thrown into?

Take it from there and you've got a bleak picture of the future for Jews in America.

Alan Bergstein, lecturer and columnist, is an editorial writer for The NY Jewish Voice and a retired NYC school principal A father of four, he is a Korean War veteran and Jewish activist who is President of the Judeo/Christian Republican Club of Palm Beach County, Florida.