Netanyahu, Trump
Netanyahu, TrumpReuters

We Jews have had a tough deal, historically. We’ve often had a hard time staying safe. We remember this every year, on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Some problems, we Jews identify easily. Islamic terrorism is clearly visible. We’ve seen the photos of the hijacked airplanes, of the exploding busses, of the slaughter at the Park Hotel on Passover, of 9/11.

Some problems, we Jews identify less easily. So-called Palestinian statehood is chief among them. This ultimate de-stabilizer of the world’s hottest spot is calamitous for Jews. It also presents a huge danger for the free world generally. For America in particular.

Our Torah, in Deuteronomy (Dvarim, in Hebrew), talks about the phenomenon of a “non-nation.” Commentators wondered for centuries what that strange phrase might mean. Nowadays, we are no longer mystified. We hear daily and hourly about the “inalienable rights of the Palestinian people”, "Palestinian right to self-determination” and “Palestinian statehood bid” -- all of which, simply put, mean Jews aren't allowed to have a viable state of our own.

The "stateless Palestinians" are indeed a non-nation. Because 100% of them share their language, culture, religion, traditional dress and origin with the rest of the Arab nation. And the ancient Arab nation (Umma in Arabic) has more states at its disposal than any other nation in the world. These is only one China for the ancient Chinese people, one Spain for the Spaniards, one Italy for the Italians, one Great Britain for the British, and certainly only one tiny Israel for the ancient Jewish nation. But there are more than 20 spacious, uncrowded states in the Arab League.

Only by inventing a non-nation, has it become “rational” for the world to tell the land-deprived Jewish people that a couple of million Arabs in the Land of Israel “deserve” still another hostile Arab state to be cut right out of OUR tiny, barely viable even today, homeland.

And far too little – nothing in fact -- is said about how crowded Israel already is, and will be -- with huge Aliyah numbers and a high birth rate. Israel’s population is already the size of Switzerland, and growing faster than any other crowded nation. Israel cannot afford to give an inch of land away, for the safety and well-being of all Israelis...the Israelis of today, and the Israelis of tomorrow – which could include your family!

Dear Friends, it is time to wake up! We in North America must be aware that Israel is facing a Sophie’s Choice at this time.

Israel has received, finally, recognition of the need to apply sovereignty to another sliver of precious land -- 30% of 20% of the 20% of the internationally recognized Jewish homeland. (Just to remind you – huge Arab states were internationally recognized for the ancient Arab nation, simultaneously. No nation was displaced because of us). Yes, this is a very important development which again establishes President Trump as Israel’s greatest friend – in a world riddled (even in North America) with much anti-Semitism.

But the crucial sovereignty move (attacked as “annexation”, as though our homeland were not ours) is overshadowed by renewed deadly chatter, chatter that has engulfed the Democratic party, but is even pervading the Trump Administration and Trump Plan - about the “need” to establish a Palestinian state. Worse, we are urging Israel, and sometimes aggressive demanding, that Israel, too, should start talking this way.

A modern-day Sophie’s Choice, for Israel! Israel cannot, ever, allow a hostile Arab state to be set up smack in the middle of the miniscule Jewish homeland! As Ambassador David Friedman said candidly, plenty of Israelis, when they first saw the map in the Trump plan, “gasped and asked, 'what is that that you put there in the middle of Israel?'” So, many in Israel are working desperately – now, today – to prevent the Jewish communities on the front line in the war on barbarism, from being swallowed and decimated - G-d forbid – by New Iran. This New Iran, would be a mere bicycle-ride away from Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Ben-Gurion Airport - unlike today’s relatively-far-away Iran which is bad enough.

Let’s wake up NOW, before it is too late: Israel must declare sovereignty over the 30%, but, everyone's help is needed to help fight the deadly concept of a “Palestinian state”! The Jewish people needs us all. Let us express our concern to our leaders and rabbis. To each other. To our children. Join the American effort to say "NO" to brutally carving a Palestinian state out of the tiny Jewish homeland!

Bernard Macy is an experienced Jewish-American pro-Israel activist. Susie Dym is spokesperson for Mattot Arim, an Israeli NGO working toward peace-for-peace since 1992.