Sarah Novobroder
Sarah Novobroder Israel Dog Unit

Sarah Novovbroder's family planned on celebrating her birthday with her today.

Instead, they will be joining the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) search teams in Haifa to look for their missing mother and grandmother.

Tzachi Noy, Sarah's son, a famous Israeli actor is hoping for a birthday miracle, although is admittedly scared after not being able to contact his mother for more than 6 days.

In a desperate plea for volunteers IDU Commander Yekutiel (Mike) ben Yaakov said: "I need manpower to search today and tomorrow. We aren't going to leave today until we find her. We'll be camping out today in the field and working through the night until tomorrow evening if need be."

Ben Yaakov continued: "This courageous survivor should not be left to die and G-d forbid get ripped into pieces by wild animals. She survived the Nazis, let's find her."

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