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Fatah's Revolutionary Council condemned security orders in Judea and Samaria which would expose Palestinian Authority (PA) banks to fines and imprisonment if they continue transferring PA funds to security prisoners' bank accounts.

In response to the order, PA banks froze the terrorists' accounts, but promised to reopen them in defiance of the orders banning facilitation of payments to terrorists.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) claimed the Israeli orders were a "violation and an end to diplomatic and economic agreements" between Israel and the PA.

The PLO's Revolutionary Council noted that it sees this step as "a declaration of war against the holiest issue for the Palestinian conscious and existence."

It emphasized that the "Palestinian nation" will not allow the order to be implemented, nor will it allow the implementation of additional decisions such as annexing parts of Judea and Samaria, which the PLO sees as expressing the logic of the "criminal and terrorist Zionist occupation."

The statement also praised PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas' promise that if the PA is left with only a single penny, the money will be transferred to [terrorist] prisoners' families.

In addition, the PLO's Revolutionary Council claimed that Israel is using the coronavirus outbreak to implement its "satanic" plans "against our heroic prisoners," and that the "Zionist occupation" has been working for years in the international arena in order to paint the "Palestinian struggle" as terror.

Earlier this week it was reported that PA banks began closing the accounts of security prisoners, due to concerns that Israel would punish them for facilitating payments to terrorists. In response, armed activists in the Jenin area sent a threatening message to the banks, demanding that they not cease transferring the payments to the security prisoners' bank accounts.