Cyber attack
Cyber attackiStock

Members of the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the unusual cyberttacks launched against Israel's water infrastructure, News 13 reported.

The attacks were launched two weeks ago.

According to Fox News, Iran was behind the attacks.

The Cabinet meeting was held secretly, and ministers were asked to sign confidentiality agreements.

Senior Israeli officials said the attacks did not cause significant damage, other than disruptions to the water facilities of several local councils. However, they also said that Israel sees the attack as a very significant escalation by the Iranians, as well as the crossing of a red line, especially since the infrastructure was civilian.

A senior Israeli official told News 13: "This is an attack which defies all [ethical] codes, even in war. Even from the Iranians, we did not expect such a thing. This is an attack which it's forbidden to conduct."