Protest underway outside Supreme Court President's home in Tel Aviv
Protest underway outside Supreme Court President's home in Tel Aviv No credit

On Friday afternoon, a demonstration was held outside the home of Supreme Court Chief Justice Esther Hayut, protesting the perceived judicial activism of the Court and the way in which the judges are seen to be imposing their worldview on the general public, to the extent of overturning legislation that was voted into law by the Knesset.

The demonstration took place outside Hayut’s home in Tel Aviv, organized by Im Tirtzu and other organizations, as well as dozens of residents of south Tel Aviv, who are all protesting the Supreme Court’s intervention in Knesset rulings, and especially its decision to rule on matters relating to the coalition agreements drawn up between Likud and Blue & White.

Demonstrators chanted: “You’re stealing our democracy,” “The people are the masters,” and “You are a disgrace,” as well as, “This isn’t Iran!”

Yehuda Sharbani, a local organizer for Im Tirtzu, was at the demonstration. “The judges on the Supreme Court act in a blatantly politicized manner, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that they seek to mold Israeli policy to their liking, regardless of what the voters want. The judges’ approach, that the laws drawn up by the Knesset, including Basic Laws, are simply putty in their hands, and not the framework within which they should be operating, places Israeli democracy in real danger. Enough of the dictatorship of the Supreme Court.”

Orly Lev, who came from Holon to join the protest, said: “We are in an extreme situation in which the judges have forgotten that they are not elected officials. The Supreme Court is imposing its rule over us, imposing its views on all aspects of life. We will continue to go out and demonstrate against the Supreme Court until we see real change happen. The judges of the Supreme Court are committing robbery in broad daylight. We came here to remind Esther Hayut that the people are sovereign here – not her.”

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