Mike Pence and Donald Trump
Mike Pence and Donald Trump Reuters

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he will be tested for coronavirus on a daily basis after a military member who serves as his valet tested positive.

"So, we test once a week. Now we’re going to go testing once a day," Trump said during an Oval Office meeting with the governor of Texas on Thursday, according to The Hill. "But even when you test once a day, somebody could — something happens where they catch something."

The President said the daily testing regimen would apply to Vice President Mike Pence and certain high-level White House officials as well.

Trump told reporters he was not in regular contact with the valet who tested positive, and the White House has said the President remains in "good health."

"It’s a little bit strange, but it’s one of those things," Trump said of the valet testing positive.

The White House announced earlier Thursday that "a member of the United States Military, who works on the White House campus, has tested positive for Coronavirus."

Trump has since been tested himself and the results were negative.

The White House administers rapid tests to individuals traveling with the President or Vice President or who meet with them in person, and reporters who enter the White House grounds are given temperature checks.

Trump tested for coronavirus last month and the test came back negative. That was the second test he had undergone. The President was first tested for the virus after coming into contact with a Brazilian official who later tested positive. That test, too, came back negative.

A member of Pence’s staff had tested positive for COVID-19 on March 20. Pence and second lady Karen Pence subsequently both tested negative for the virus.

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