Jerusalem Egged bus
Jerusalem Egged busFlash 90

A shocking attack on a bus driver by a dog took place Wednesday on a bus from the Egged company driving through Jerusalem.

The bus driver says he asked a passenger who boarded with his dog to muzzle the animal. The passenger declined to comply, instead removing the dog from its leash and allowing it to severely injure the driver. A police complaint has been filed.

The organization of the bus drivers of the National Histadrut said in response: "This is a shocking case that cannot leave us indifferent. This is an attempt to murder a bus driver while he was working."

"We demand the Ministry of Transportation accelerate the issue of the buffer and start the installations immediately. Supervision and enforcement on buses must be intensified through inspectors and responsibility for enforcement of Ministry of Health guidelines must be removed from drivers," added to the organization.

The organization also stated that with the establishment of the government, they will continue their efforts to "promote the status of the driver as a public servant. Unfortunately, the days when drivers are murdered at the wheel because of violence from passengers are closer than ever."

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