IAF commander leads the international forum
IAF commander leads the international forum IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel on Wednesday led a virtual forum of air force commanders from around the world led by Israel Air Force commander, Gen. Amikam Norkin.

The forum was attended by air force commanders from various countries including Italy, the United States, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Greece, Norway, Spain, France, Cyprus and Croatia.

The purpose of the online forum was to create a mutual learning environment between the forces on the issues of managing the corps and maintaining operational competence during the fight against coronavirus.

The commanders of the various corps exchanged lessons from the knowledge they gained during this period, and shared the patterns of action that they operate with in order to learn and cooperate in the war against the virus.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said, "The Israel Air Force will continue to carry out operational and international collaborations, in times of routine and emergency, in order to protect the name of the State of Israel."