Gay pride parade, Tel Aviv (file). Civil marriage rejected by  Knesset on Wednesday.
Gay pride parade, Tel Aviv (file). Civil marriage rejected by  Knesset on Wednesday.Flash90

When we speak of worshipping death we typically think of Egypt and their Book of the Dead. We left that place on Pesach and now we’re in our way to Shavuot where we experienced and attempt to re-experience G-d’s singular revelation to all of the Jews, Klal Yisrael, at Mount Sinai, a revelation that included the commandment to not worship any other gods.

But what are we to think when radical progressive and their twisted ideology demand we embrace - not just show understanding for the suffering involved in - homosexuality which by definition can never reproduce life?

What about abortion by demand (paid for by taxpayer dollars at any age without parental knowledge), sometimes even when the baby is just born? That is either denying the emergence of another holy human life or is actual infanticide.

What about embracing euthanasia or so-called “mercy killing” or death “with dignity”? This is simply a fancy term for killing people.

What about their purported love of animals and the planet earth in ecological and environmental terms, which when examined closely is just a cover to say there are too many humans with too much human activity, both which must diminish (not themselves of course)?

What about all those who claim we should not have any children until the world’s fundamental problems are fixed because bringing children into such a world would be “immoral“?

These groups fundamentally worship death and have created their own modern Book of the Dead. But they are worse than the Egyptians because the Egyptians at least believed in an afterlife which undoubtedly sometimes tempered some of their worst impulses. The postmodern radical progressive has vigorously emptied G-d from his life and thus is empty of His moral safeguards and His afterlife, a supreme gift of Justice and Reward, that would channel him to celebrate life, true life, and not death cloaked in the delusions of the unhinged self-worshipper.

If these groups elevated life and not the worship of man, children would be considered, and loudly publicly and repeatedly proclaimed, a blessing from G-d, and not thought of primarily as an economic burden, a financial cost that diminishes the lifestyle of the parents. By extension, if you don’t have enough money, whatever exalted amount that is considered to be to maintain the “proper” life, then it is “immoral “ to have children. And so, they combine the “best” of both dystopian worlds: supreme narcissism with a disdain for perpetuating human existence.

What can we do? The answer I suspect is that we who are still sane, we who are still knowledgeable that G-d and His Torah are always nearby for those who wish to live a life of purposeful obligations and not live a death filled with licentious hedonism, we who remember that our bonds of slavery—both physical and spiritual—were cast off over three millennia ago, must finally speak out fearlessly and with one mouth against this pernicious belief that seeks to replace G-d with man, that seeks to replace the human soul which naturally clings to life with one that rebelliously clings to death. Then perhaps G-d will part the waters of our current worldwide delusions and we will see and walk the clear path towards Redemption, ushering in the age of eternal unified love and reverence for our Creator such that we can merit everlasting life and the Resurrection of the Dead, including my precious only child, my beloved and holy son, Ariel Yitzchak z"l in whose honored memory this is written.

Mark Newman, an active lover of Zionism and Judaism, has worked professionally for almost three decades in the US Federal government as a civil law enforcement officer. He and his wife Ellen lost their only son when he died during his gap year in Israel..