Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu published a video clip on social media, in which leftist Haim Shadmi an be seen threatening him.

Yair Netanyahu had previously filed a police complaint against Shadmi, but said he has not yet received a response.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) backed the young Netanyahu, saying: "This is indeed a serious and direct threat, which to my understanding constitutes incitement to violence and a criminal act. I have requested that the police immediately provide an update regarding whether the complaint was dealt with and how."

However, he added: "It's important to emphasize that when it comes to crimes of incitement and expressions of violence, the decision whether or not to open a criminal investigation is not one the police make - it is made by the State Prosecutor, who directs the police."

Police, he said, have a responsibility to ensure that no one is hurt, but management of the incitement itself is the responsibility of the State Prosecutor: "There is a difference between examining risks and ensuring that the threatened person is not physically hurt, which is definitely the responsibility of the police, and investigating a crime of expressions of violence or incitement, which only the Prosecutor has authority to do (despite the fact that I also do not like that this is its responsibility) and deciding whether to open a criminal investigation."

In the video, Shadmi can be seen threatening: "Yair, remember our promise. It looks very far away. We told you all the time: We know why you need security guards. Believe me, we know. One day you'll be without the security guards - boom. You never know."