Daycare (illustrative)
Daycare (illustrative) iStock

During a meeting held Tuesday night, representatives from the Finance and Welfare ministries reached an agreement regarding the gradual reopening of government-supervised daycares.

According to the agreements, the daycares will reopen on Sunday, and the government will foot the bill for the reopening, as well as the required compensation for the period during which the daycares were not operating.

Under the agreement, daycares will operate with groups of 17 children and at 70% capacity.

The parents of 30% of the children will be required to find alternative childcare arrangements.

Also during Tuesday night's meeting, the draft plan for the reopening of preschools for children ages 3-6 was approved. Under the plan, preschools will divide their students into two groups, each of which will spend three days per week in preschool and three days at home.

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