The Knesset plenum continues its lengthy discussion of the thousands of amendments submitted to the Basic Law: The Government (Transition Government).

During the discussion, MK Avigdor Liberman said: "As one of the veterans of this House, who has already seen a lot of agreements - and I was responsible for a significant portion of coalition agreements: Something like this never happened. It simply never was; not in the State of Israel, and there's no precedent worldwide where two prime ministers are simultaneously sworn in. The only precedent I found, which is a bit reminiscent of it, is South Sudan, but it ended in civil war, G-d forbid.

"What is a two-thirds majority of 75 MKs? There never was. Legislation prohibited for six months: What is a legislative ban? This entire house is called a legislature. I haven't seen it anywhere in the world, that ground rules will be formulated in retrospect after a government is established. That is to say, the only central tenet of this government, of this coalition, is total distrust between the two sides. How are you going to run a state with complete distrust? It is also clearly unreasonable," Liberman argued.

He said, "Anyone who saw the press conference yesterday and heard the answers, suddenly the Prime Minister also agreed to answer journalists, the only clear message: We're going to the elections. There was no other message and I know Binyamin Netanyahu well enough. There's clearly someone looking for excuses to go to elections. And the Blue and White people should take this into account and face it: We're not forming a government, we're going to elections. On Thursday, Netanyahu will get signatures, take control of the Arrangements Committee, drag on for another ten days, and finally say: 'We're going to elections.

"Obviously, Netanyahu is just trying to escape two things: from the trial that is due to open sometime at the end of May as the indictment is read, and he's trying to escape a state investigation committee on the coronavirus," Liberman said.

Likud MK Yoav Kish commented: "The State of Israel held elections where the Likud received almost 1,350,000 votes, the most ever, to establish a government led by Binyamin Netanyahu, and now 11 honorable judges sit and decide whether or not to accept this vote.

"To me it seems absurd. I think it causes serious harm to the debate, because the very question at all arises, serious harm to our democratic system. We must, and I have no doubt, advance the Basic Law: the Overrule Clause will make order once and for all between the authorities. It's so needed for Israeli democracy," he added.

The Overrule Clause would under specified conditions allow the Knesset to re-enact laws that the Supreme Court has ruled out.

Kish added, "I admit that there are also things I don't like in the law. What I have added is one amendment that turns the entire law into an temporary order only for the 23rd Knesset, and that, on a personal level, I feel that I do not want this to accompany us beyond the current situation that we got stuck in after three election campaigns. An event has been created that requires it, but I would like for the next Knesset to no longer be in this event."

Telem Chairman MK Moshe Ya'alon attacked: "If this is an emergency government then you were late because last night Netanyahu celebrated his victory over coronavirus. An emergency government with 36 ministers and 16 deputies - how does this contribute to the economic crisis? How does it contribute to self-employed people in the first place suffering from a lack of social rights and now groaning under the burden? How does this contribute to the growing number of unemployed people? How does this contribute to retirees working to supplement their income? How is another official residence for the Prime Minister responding to those who groan under the difficulty of paying rent or mortgage?"

He said, "Netanyahu didn't accept the results of the elections, Likud appealed the election results to the Election Commission and announced that if he didn't become prime minister, millions would take to the streets. You succumbed to the threat, you succumbed to the terror, Blue and White people, and whoever surrenders to terror, terror pursues him. I don't know whether the edifice you built, if this coalition agreement that appears here in the bill will result in establishing a government at all. You've become Netanyahu's hostages; he'll decide your future and your destiny. It's clear that what's being built is a dead end."