Attempted lynch in Huwarra
Attempted lynch in HuwarraFlash 90

Deputy State Attorney Nurit Litman rejected Meretz MK Tamar Zandberg's claims based on B'Tselem organization materials, and stated that Eloh Moreh resident Yehoshua Sherman who fired at an attacker who tried to stab him, did so lawfully.

Litman wrote to Zandberg that the attempted attack in April 2019 near Huwwara in Samaria was investigated by the police, and examination of the investigation file established no suspicion of unlawful shooting.

It was also stated that the videos documenting the attack, as well as other findings at the scene, support Sherman's version. "A knife was found in the scene, near the site where [the terrorist] El Fatah fell. In addition, rocks were found in the front of Sherman's vehicle and a bullet was found inside the vehicle. Investigative materials do not establish suspicion of unlawful shooting."

Litman's office added: "It would have been better if the B'Tselem's investigators were cautious before stating that 'settlers carried out an execution and the army covered up their actions.' It would have been better to wait for the results of the investigation before reaching that conclusion. Moreover, B'Tselem did not pass on to the police any evidence to support their claims.''

The attack occurred in April 2019. A Muslim tried to carry out a stabbing attack near Habetot Junction in Samaria near Huwwara. The Muslim was armed with a knife and attacked a vehicle driven by Yehoshua Sherman bringing his daughter from Elon Moreh. The attacker tried to open the front door of the vehicle and stab the passengers. Sherman drew his weapon, opened fire at the attacker, and eliminated him.

"I was driving from Elon Moreh toward Tapuach. At the intersection, a man with a knife jumped on the vehicle and tried to open the door. I got out and while the terrorist was trying to overtake the vehicle in my direction, I neutralized him by shooting with the assistance of a Yitzhar resident truck driver who was driving behind me," Sherman said.

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