Written by Hanan Ben Ari and Lior Engelman
Composed by Hanan Ben Ari
Arranged and sound production by Noah Bar Shain (Kippalive)

Translated lyrics:

We thought we'd won it all
We built towers that reach the sky
Man, who needs people?
No second Flood will come in our time

We will never ever fall
Forget it, we'll be fine on our own
We're smart, we know it all
And nothing is above us

Until you came along
And infected us
And drove us mad
And confined us
And confused us
And terrified us
Who are you?

Oh, how you've brought back sanity
And a longing for other people
Suddenly the lonliness burns
We can't run from place to place anymore
The parks are all closed
Weddings with hardly a soul
We've almost lost ourselves
We've almost stopped feeling

Soon this will all be over
And I'm asking, if I may
That the morning after you leave
Let us not be the same as before

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