Preschool children (Illustration)
Preschool children (Illustration) iStock

Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz (Yamina) on Monday morning said that government-supervised daycares and preschools will reopen on Sunday, May 10.

"From birth to age six, we are taking this step fully," he announced during a visit to one of the schools which reopened on Sunday.

"We began yesterday with 80% of local authorities, and today another 31 large local authorities joined us, including Nazareth, Jaljulia, and half of Tel Aviv," News 12 quoted him as saying.

"We feel that our development and advancement is good progress and very successful. There is the amazing drop in number of cases. We were very careful this week, we wanted to be sure these were the statistics.

"In light of these statistics, we certainly can say that on Sunday we will open both the preschools and the daycares. It will start from birth to age six, and we are taking this step fully. We will discus with the teachers and district leaders how the next step will look."

He added: "If the changes in the pandemic's graph continue to be minor, as they are now, then during the month of May, and no later than the first of June, we will reopen Israel's entire educational system."

"I have no words to praise the teachers, who are ensuring personal attention [to teach student], and in my eyes are also ensuring the country's morale and strength, with their concern for each and every child across Israel. The teachers are doing amazing work, and they are true examples of what a teacher in Israel should be."