The new testing station
The new testing stationLeumit Health Services

Leumit Health Services, in cooperation with the IDF Technology and Logistics Branch, has built an innovative and first-of-its-kind testing unit for carrying out coronavirus tests without the need for protective equipment for the paramedic or nurse administering the test.

The unit allows for taking coronavirus samples while maintaining complete separation between the person being tested and the medical professional administering the test, without the passage of air between them. The unit is built with positive air pressure inside the chamber; testers do not have to wear expensive protective equipment, which is in short supply and impedes their work.

The unit was planned and developed by the IDF Ground Forces Technology Unit and the IDF Technology and Logistics Branch Refitting and Maintenance Center.

Leumit Health Services will be the first HMO to use the unit.

As part of the national effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Leumit Health Services has set up dozens of sample-taking centers at existing clinics throughout the country and operates four mobile coronavirus testing vehicles. The innovative testing unit that was developed in conjunction with the IDF will significantly expand the number of people who can be safely tested for the coronavirus while saving on protective equipment.

Leumit Health Services Director Nissim Alon welcomed the new development and noted that, "From now on, Leumit can offer its customers a range of possibilities for carrying out coronavirus tests, at the new units, at the sample-taking centers and via the mobile vehicles."

The new testing stations
The new testing stationsLeumit Health Services