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Driving test (stock)istock

Teenagers in the state of Georgia will now be able to get their drivers license without passing a practical test.

Under new rules put into place by an executive order signed by Governor Brian Kemp, during the duration of Georgia’s coronavirus lockdown, the requirement for new drivers to pass the state’s practical test will be waived.

That means teens looking to get their license for the first time will need only the approval of their parents or legal guardians, who will judge whether the prospective drivers are ready to receive their licenses.

New drivers will still have to meet all other requirements for receiving a license, however, including completing 40 hours of supervised driving. But it’s up to parents to ensure that teens complete the supervised driving.

"I'm hoping most parents won't just sign off on those 40 hours, I'm hoping most will take the time and drive with their kids before they let them obtain their driver's license,” Stormi Kenney, who owns a driving school in Georgia, told Fox 5.