Matan Kahana
Matan KahanaKnesset channel

MK Matan Kahana (Yamina) poke Thursday in the Knesset plenum and criticized the legislative changes which have been pushed by Likud and Blue and White to facilitate the formation of the new unity government.

According to Kahana, during this period national unity is the order of the hour, but a coalition agreement that includes a fundamental change in the Basic Laws is a very serious matter, "especially when these laws weaken the Knesset."

"We in Yamina, who believe in the concept of legal conservatism, urge the High Court not to interfere in the Knesset's decisions and more clearly maintain the the separation of powers," Kahana stressed.

"This enactment of the Basic Laws is so crooked, it is simply a plea for theHigh Court to intervene in the work of the Knesset. And this time it is even worse because we are inviting the High Court to intervene in the Basic Laws.

"But if this legislation nevertheless reaches the High Court, I still urge the High Court not to intervene. As the legislation progresses, we will be seeking to add strengthening paragraphs that the Likud previously proposed and I am sure the new coalition will help advance this legislation, '' MK Kahana said.