Ruth Cohen
Ruth CohenKan 11

World Bible Contest winner Ruth Cohen spoke about her preparations for the quiz in an interview with Galai Tzahal (IDF Radio).

"There was stress, mainly because I was in 11th grade and I was studying for this since the 9th grade. All the years I've seen the quiz as a girl and I thought I had no chance of being in it and succeeding. In ninth grade, I decided to start studying with all my might,” said Cohen, a student at Ulpanat Baharan.

She added, "I came less to the quiz with the idea of ​​learning because I needed to. I came with a focused goal of winning and that was it, but as I studied the Bible - I realized it was so much more and I really became addicted to studying the Bible. My personal experience is that I really liked it. I've been waiting for the quiz for a long time."

"When you study the Bible, you must focus on the chapter you love, connect with, and think about the most. In the current year, I focused on studying every quiz, but within a month, I learned all the material and fell in love with it. I am very invested in studying and it was very difficult to put everything aside and say that I give my all for the Bible quiz. When the studio gave me a green light to fulfill my goal - I went for it," Cohen concluded.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu congratulated Ruth Cohen on winning the Worldwide Bible Contest for Youth Wednesday.

"Congratulations to the winner of the Bible Contest, Ruth Cohen. [The last female] World Bible Quiz winner was Or Ashuel in 2010, with my son Avner placing second. Congratulations to Ruth who continues the tradition," Netanyahu said.