President Reuven Rivlin this evening, Tuesday, received a letter of congratulation on the occasion of Israel’s 72nd Independence Day from President of the United States Donald Trump.

President Trump’s letter in full:

“Dear President Rivlin:

The United States of America proudly joins you in commemorating the 72nd anniversary of Israel’s independence.

It gives me tremendous pride that the United States was the first country to recognize the newly re-established Jewish State in 1948.

Exactly seven decades to the day after Prime Minister Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence, Israel and the United States shared another historic moment when the United States opened its embassy in Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. This achievement has been one of many significant actions by my Administration to rebuild the U.S.-Israel relationship. This special relationship is built on our deeply rooted shared values. Israel is one of America’s closest partners, and I look forward to continuing the productive U.S.-Israel relationship in the coming year.

This Independence Day will occur as the world struggles to confront the challenges presented by COVID-19, and I want to commend our continuing close collaboration to protect our people and defeat this pandemic together.


Donald J. Trump”