Dr. Moshe Batzar with Rabbi Eitan and Shira Shnerb and their new baby
Dr. Moshe Batzar with Rabbi Eitan and Shira Shnerb and their new babySpokesperson for Shamir Medical Center, Assaf Harofeh

Rabbi Eitan Shnerb and his wife Shira have named their new daughter, who was born last week, "Tiferet."

Tiferet is the couple's twelfth child, and was born just eight months after her older sister, Runa, was murdered while hiking with her father and brother at the Dolev Spring.

Last week, Rabbi Shnerb told Galei Zahal: "We found out about the pregnancy during the shiva (week of mourning - ed.), and it helped us heal. G-d is healing us."

When asked in the delivery room whether they would name the new baby after her murdered sister, Rabbi Shnerb said their response had been, "No way! What, should we have two daughters named Rina? She did leave us in body, but the feeling is that she is still with us. If anyone has an idea for a name, we'll be happy to hear it."

Shira added: "We feel that G-d hears prayers. This birth is a huge victory for us."

"We feel good and we thank G-d and the medical staff at the hospital for their sensitivity, devotion, and professionalism. Thanks to them, everything went well," Rabbi Shnerb said.

"The new baby symbolizes life and victory over the forces of evil, which attempt to destroy us in every generation. There is symbolism in the birth, which took place during the days between Holocaust Memorial Day and the Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers and Terror Victims, since both of us come from families of Holocaust survivors and have experienced the murderers' terror eight months ago, when our beloved daughter Rina Shnerb was murdered at the Dani Spring."

Watch the naming ceremony here:

''תפארת'' ייקרא שמהבאדיבות המשפחה