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15,728 people have so far been diagnosed in Israel as having been infected with the coronavirus, according to Health Ministry data released tonight.

The number of patients said to have died as a result of the virus increased today to 210. The number of infected who have already recovered is 7,746 and the number of coronavirus patients is currently 7,772.

The number of patients in severe condition continues to decline, and tonight stands at 116. Of these, 92 patients are currently on assisted breathing, 6 of them required breathing assistance chronically, before contracting the virus.

The number of hospitalized patients whose condition is moderate has risen in the past day and now stands at 82. The condition of the remaining 7,574 patients is defined light.

Coronavirus patients currently are in 334 hospital admissions, 1,709 in hotel treatment, 4,664 patients are in home care, and 1,065 patients are yet to be decided on.

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