Incendiary kites (illustrative)
Incendiary kites (illustrative)Reuters

Incendiary kites and balloons landed in three locations in Lod, including near a local high school and just five kilometers (three miles) from Ben Gurion International Airport.

Lod Mayor Yair Revivo turned to Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) and a senior police official, demanding they take harsh action against the perpetrators, Israel Hayom reported.

Angry residents said that many complaints have been filed with the police, and that the city has an atmosphere of disorder and lack of control: Since the beginning of the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, dozens of fireworks have been shot into the air, and now incendiary balloons have joined them.

"A balloon landed near our trampoline, in our yard, and almost caused a fire and a tragedy," one resident told Israel Hayom.

Another resident told the site: "We are in danger of our lives. Everyone is talking about coronavirus but in this city there is no government, and there is fear."

Residents also protested outside Revivo's home, demanding he pressure the police to take care of the matter.

Israel Police told Israel Hayom: "There are ten squad cars spread throughout the city, and we have reinforced the police presence. We saw one balloon and we will handle it harshly. We call on the public to turn to us and complain. We also feel a drop in the shooting of explosives."

Sources in the city said that the police handled the incident by taking the incendiary kite and throwing it in the garbage. Police, meanwhile say they will do everything to enforce law and order in the city.

Netanel Isaac, Lod's Deputy Mayor, told Israel Hayom: "Specifically now, during the coronavirus outbreak, we are seeing a significant escalation of security issues affecting residents in the city. Explosives are exploding, property is being destroyed, the muezzin can be heard at high decibels, and now there have been incendiary kites five kilometers from Ben Gurion Airport. We support the police and the municipality, but at the same time we demand an immediate improvement in the sense of personal security and in the enforcement of the law. We will not allow a small number of people to ruin things for an entire city."