Missile seen over Damascus
Missile seen over Damascus Reuters

Syria's air force reported that it had identified a "hostile Israeli attack" on southern Damascus early Monday morning.

The SANA news agency reported that Syria's missile detection systems intercepted the "Israeli aggression" which came from Lebanon's airspace and was able to down several rockets fired at Syrian territory.

Last week, Syrian media reported that Israeli aircraft carried out an air strike near the city of Palmyra in central Syria.

According to the reports, the country’s air defense system was activated, and the Syrian army managed to intercept several missiles with anti-aircraft fire.

That air strike came five days after an air strike attributed to Israel targeted a Hezbollah vehicle traveling on the Beirut-Damascus road and transferring weapons from Lebanon to Syria.

The reports claimed the attack was carried out by a drone near the border between the countries.

Last month, Syrian media claimed that Israeli aircraft fired missiles from Lebanese skies towards an area near the city of Homs in western Syria.