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Even as COVID-19 ravages communities in the Jewish State, Israelis today appear to be more satisfied than ever before with their everyday lives. They also share a sense of cohesion, with both the Jewish and Arab populace of the country reporting a positive outlook on affairs of State.

The Guttman Institute for Public Opinion and Policy Research at the Democracy Institute found that even Israeli Arabs, 87% of whom voted for the Joint Arab List in April's Knesset elections, favorably viewed Israel's achievements.

According to the public opinion poll, approximately 77% of Israeli Arabs claimed they feel that they are a part of Israeli society and share its problems. Forty-four percent said the Jewish State's success rate surpasses its failures, compared to 63.5% of the entire population and 67% of its Jewish citizens. A total of 93.5% of the haredi public said they associated with the State. For comparison's sake, last year, just 68.5% of the haredi sector said they connected with their country of residence and shared in its problems. The survey's results provided the most optimistic view in decades.

Three days ahead of Israel's 72nd Independence Day, some 44% of the public voiced support for the policies of elected officials, 66% said they were satisfied with actions taken by the health ministry, and 55% voiced support for Prime Minister Netanyahu even as the majority of the country remains on lockdown.

A total of 57.9% of the public said the government's response to the CV-19 pandemic was proportional, while 37.4% claimed it was exaggerated. Nearly half (47.8%) said the media was taking the crisis out of proportion, with 47.6% saying it was providing accurate coverage.